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Bandit by Eric Arakawa
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The Bandit catches waves easily and grovels well in small, mushy conditions, but don't think of this board as a full on groveler. It is a high performance design in a small package. Fast and loose, it flies through fat sections, powers through the pocket, and handles in the barrel. Designed to be ridden 3”-6” shorter than your everyday shortboard and look to break it out in surf anywhere from 2ft to well overhead. The Bandit is one of Eric Arakawa's most versatile models and has pretty much become a quiver staple.

Click around to see what sizes and colors we currently have available, but if you don't see the exact setup you're looking for you may still be in luck, as we can have this shape and others from Eric Arakawa customed to your specifications.

Call us at (757) 491-0266 for more information on customs or with any questions, or if you aren't the phone type, use the contact form below to email us.

5'10 Bandit

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