Freedom Surf Shop has been a mainstay of the Virginia Beach surf community since 2005. Upon entering our doors strangers become friends over long talks about the latest shortboard, longboard, SUP or wetsuit design and on our blog the conversation continues.



There have been a few summer seasons that sadden us to see them go! This past one, ‘not so much.”

So let me explain: Lack of surf, abnormally cooler water, dirty water, soft tops, beater boards, adults on soft tops, adults on beater boards, amazon,xbox, all vendors on amazon, discounting, kids on xbox, all verndors discounting, politics, fake news, politics and fake news, humidity, ten dollar ipa’s, five dollar coffees and the list goes on as to why we are not sad to see this summer beat it!

With that said, we have FALL right around the corner! Fall is when the Atlantic turns on. When grown men put away the soft tops and the groms find a yellow bus that will pull them away from Xbox. A season that celebrates change! A change in the weather, a change in our patterns and behaviors.

As Atlantic Ocean surfers, fall is our time! A time to pull into warm green barrels, time to look for that new round tail that you use to love ( before the ten dollar ipa’s , offered it non-floatable) and trusted when sliding under the lip. and most importantly a time to pop into your favorite surf shop and have a good chat, feel up a new board.

Yes, summer you can ‘BEAT IT”, let’s go fall ~ bring it on.

WELCOME SUMMER! X2 reflection

13 years ago, TODAY! I had just resigned from a great l o n g run of being a sales representative for O’Neill and CI surfboards to purchase a little surf shop on Laskin Road! It was going to be a amazing new chapter for myself and my family, and I went into it with amazing conviction to keep this little surf shop special and the soul of surfing alive !!!

You see, Freedom Surf had been opened for almost two years prior. And I have to tell you, from a surfers perspective ~ walking through those saloon doors in 2005 was like evolving your caffeine from 7-11 coffee to Starbucks, all within a blink of any eye! Freedom Surf changed the landscape. Hands down!!! It was Miles Davis, at a time when music kind of sucked. The boards, the vibe, & the people were all radiating to a different beat! AMAZING.

So… being a coffee and jazz connoisseur (okay, just a appreciation for both), I took on a very bold task to transition myself as a RETAILER! Well, let me tell you the first few things that happened in those early years…

#1. All of the other surf shops freaked out and took shots at me and/or tried to ban us from carrying some of the larger brands. #volcom, # quiksilver (thank you BRAD!), # the list goes on. Not sure why, as I surely had quite the learning curve. AND, I thought we were friends.

#2. The iPhone came out! Yep. The iPhone came out in 2007 and changed the course of retail forever.

#3. Surfboard shapes were changing and we were able to influence this movement! Let me expand on that for a second. Freedom Surf brought logging to Va. Beach! Sure we could go back to Mike, Jeff, Ryan and Kevin at Corner 24 and then the influence that Hotline offered up with their team (Andrew, Trevor etc. pushing Gurney . But hands down! Freedom brought the logs to Va. Beach!!! Freedom also brought fish, eggs, bonzers, quads and simmons to the market while most were still chasing the shortboards and silly other shapes. All from the best of the best in the world! #milesdavis .

#4. We learned A LOT of lessons!!! Retail is not easy my friends. It’s like running five businesses at once and doing so on a shoestring budget under a microscope.UGH!!! In the last 13 years, we have been beat, kicked etc. etc. But! We also, have been embraced by the community!!! There have been so many nights that I drive home in awe of the magic that we created!!!

So! Welcome Summer!!! Welcome all of the little mom and pop surf shops that still drip and bleed salt water! Welcome lessons learned! And most of all… WELCOME YOU! As you are the reason why I keep unlocking the front door daily.

Our little surf shop on Laskin Road is ALIVE and WELL! Come see us. Tell a friend. Better yet, bring a friend and I’m sure you’ll see a few more in the store.

Happy Memorial Day & thank you for 13 years! And more so for those that have served our country. We appreciate you!!!




Love !

A window campaign that was initiated and painted with love! A date in the middle of February that celebrates this amazing emotion. As a surfer, love comes in many forms. From the first stroke of wax on a new board, to watching your child flying down the face of a wave . Love has been occupying our thoughts lately at Freedom Surf and this post hopefully will fill you in on what we are loving!!!

  • Change! During the fall months of 2018, we changed the exterior color of the store, the stores layout and the product mix that we carry. 2019 will see more changes to the inside of the store, as we evolve the experience to new levels.. LOVE THIS!

  • New Brands! 2019 will see a plethora of new brands hitting our shop. Fashion meets surf, in what will be a saltwater melody that will truly inspire. LOVE THIS!

  • Surfboards! Shapes are continually being refined as is technology. Freedom Surf has been the leader in getting the goods under your feet and this year we will not let you down! We have several new brands hitting our racks this for 2019 and yes, we LOVE THIS!

As we continue to evolve and embrace this lovely little month of February! Know that what we do in the shop is for you. And yes we LOVE THIS!

support local . . .

support local . . .

Last Sunday, following a super fun day of surf and a few post session coldies. I came upon a post that the Sunday crew had created. It was the night before, “Cyber Monday” and the crew had reposted the most epic picture of the legendary Pete Smith offering the two finger salute to the internet and more so directed at Cyber Monday. Epic!

Well, not my finest moment… But I couldn’t help myself when I began thinking about what I had in store for my near future. Showrooming , price matching and the daily emails from our vendors discounting the same product that we have on our retail floor. It saddened me, not just for the shift in business integrity, but more so that all of our brothers and sisters that operate locally owned surf shops are feeling the same. So…


Right away, I started receiving messages and texts from friends that loved the comment! But one comment, totally got me. Why are you so angry? With that, my rant was taken down.

Over the last few days, I realized that I was angry. I regretted taken the comments down! As we enter into a magical time of year, that should be filled with joy and stoke, we will be faced with that large guerilla in the room! With that, I once again will repeat the above Mantra: F$@! AMAZON / F$@! VENDORS THAT CHOOSE TO COMPETE AGAINST US! & MOST OF ALL F$@! CYBER MONDAY.

Support local this Holiday Season!

Happy Holidays!



“Freedom Surf Kicks Such Bottoms”

“Freedom Surf Kicks Such Bottoms”

In several months we will be celebrating our surf shop’s 14th year Anniversary! I know, who celebrates 14 years? Well we do and will ( hang tight on the party invite, as it will be a good one…).

By the time that we have gotten to that date, we will have sold 6,300 surfboards, 2,800 standups, 12,600 bars of wax and all of the other goods that you have needed to travel down your path of a surfer. We also would have made thousands of friends, offered countless advice and offered up way too many random/free surfboard fins, fin screws, wax etc.

It’s been a really fun ride! But a ride that hasn’t been without a few bumps and bruises. . . In those 14 years, we have seen the birth of the iPhone, social media, ecommerce and the list goes on. We have seen many of our retail brothers and sisters close there doors. Vendors that we had loved and supported, close their doors. The constant is that there is no constant! With that said, the one word that we seem to be saying a lot in the shop is “CHANGE!”

So we are changing! Not locations, not the name or any of the goodness that you love. We are changing our lineup! From a major redo inside the shop, to new colors and feel on the exterior. New brands are gracing our lineup and that will continue to evolve into a experience that is unlike any on the retail front.

Why are we telling you all of this? Well, it’s simple. Because we need you!!!

This is what we need. . .

For the next six weeks, we would love to have you either bring a friend (that has never been in the shop) into the shop or tell a friend about Freedom Surf!

That’s it! As simple as that….

Thank you!



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Summer officially begins on the 21st of June. But at Freedom Surf we are embracing summer NOW.  With that statement out of the way, let's get to what is on tap at Freedom Surf this summer...

SURFBOARDS! 2018 we reinvested in our past. Known for the best selection of logs, fish, eggs and alternative equipment on the East Coast ~ we humbly acknowledge that our selections were a bit stale over the last few years. This is why we have stepped it up once again, with over 250 new boards in the racks!  These aren't your clear sanded shortboards , nope, they are crafts that scream for new lines and approaches on the wave. Come on in and have a look for yourself! 

SUPS! We're working hard to understand where this sport is heading. A decade ago it was our fastest growing department in the store! Rivaling our surfboard business, we were one of the early pioneers that ventured into Race Shapes, surfing specific shapes and a slew of unique all rounders.  All complimented by events that we sponsored/or put on and weekly meetups! Fast forward to 2018, the few local sup races are lucky to have twenty paddlers turn out. Inexpensive, heavy, poorly designed boards are littered at most sporting good stores only to find questionable enjoyment in the water.  Participation is dropping! With that said, we still love to paddle and still sell stand ups. Just would love your feedback! Feel free to respond and let us know your thoughts!

Gear! Both in the Girls and Guys department, excitement is in the house. Striving to offer different brands then what are down the street at the other shops (and on the racks at the discounters) we have been working diligently over the last year to revive and refresh our offerings! If you haven't been in the shop this year, what are you waiting for?  

Summer is about FREEDOM! Freedom to enjoy long hot days on the beach. The freedom to ride multiple surfboards in a afternoon. The freedom to put all of the stress that life throws at you, on the back burner and cleanse your soul in the water.  At Freedom Surf, we have worked very hard to offer you all of the toys and gear that you will need to have the most amazing summer! 

Feel free to post any comments to this blog! 

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Master surfboard shapers don't come around all to often. We are thrilled with the addition of Michel Junod surfboards to our boardroom assortment. From the days of strictly 9 1/2 foot surfboards, Michel has been through the shaping roll coaster for over 50 years. Known for single-fin logs, quad fishes, and performance shapes he has successfully carved a career in surfboard manufacturing where he resides in Santa Cruz, CA. In 2007 he was featured in Thomas Campbells film 'The Present' where he strolled across Western Africa with rippers like Al Knost & Dave Rastavich. Michel and Thomas have collaborated on surfboard design ever since and his art work can be found on all of his recent boards.
A true pioneer of the "ride everything" movement. Heres what we have on our racks!

- 10' Easy Rider (yellow)
- 9'4 Easy Rider (green/yellow)
- 9'4 Easy Rider (teal)
- 5'11 Fish (yellow)
- 6'2 Egg (red)
- 7'6 Carver (gold)

Follow | & @micheljunodsurfboards



Meet your shaper series by our friends at Mollusk Surf Shop


CJ Nelson Designs


Our shops short 13 year history has shown no shortage of selling the best surf craft east of the Mississippi. This Spring we are carrying on the tradition with the newest addition to our board room CJ Nelson Designs!
CJ is one of our generations iconic surfers most known for his advanced nose riding and STYLE. Being featured in modern classic surf flicks like Sprout, The Present, and many other epic parts have showcased his amazing talents. With a new perspective on surfing as well as surfboard design over the past years he has collaborated with some of the best shapers and experimented thoroughly with new materials to progress not only his craft, but for all surfers who share the same perspective. Recently CJ took the win at Mexi Log festival & won his first Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational in La Saladita, Mexico on his newest model The Guerrero. For more stories behind the shapes feel free to visit -

We'll have a full range of boards from CJ Nelson Designs in collaborations with Ian Chisholm, Corey Colapinto, and Eden Saul for 2018. 
We are stoked to be one of few dealers on the East Coast | For any questions feel free to pop by the shop OR give us a ring at (757) 491-0266!


"Surfing is our Santuary,The Shop is our Shrine & Saltwater is our Wine"

November 2017: Over a few post surf beers, a brainstorming session offered up a Holiday Marketing Campaign that tried to define the nature of our shop and the stoke it resonated.  The concept was as simple as this: " Surfing is our sanctuary, The Shop is our Shrine & Saltwater is our Wine." We would execute this campaign by offering up a weekly photo contest, that best described  what surfing means to you! We also got creative with our Holiday exterior windows and tied in Tibetan Prayer Flags (which represented a sacred place)  surrounded by images that we felt best conveyed our beliefs. The outside of the windows were painted with words that we wished to share with our community.

The weekly photo contest kind of petered out, as some ventures do. But the words created that November evening have proven to be powerful! This year Freedom Surf Shop will celebrate 13 years of being in business. A lot has changed in those 13 years, but the one thing that has not is our passion for surfing and celebrating it through our shop.

2018 will offer up more of what you have come to expect! More surfboards, a amazing selection of SUPS,  Girls and Guys clothing that you can't find instantly at the touch of your phone. But most of all we will offer our knowledge and friendship, with humility and respect to all that walk though our sacred doors.

Get out and surf. Find your sanctuary. . .  Then come see us .



Justin Quintal x Black Rose MFG.

Justin Quintal x Black Rose MFG.

With a few weeks of late hurricane activity severely impacting our beloved east coast + a fiery presidential race, we have all been stuck in a weird place! Take a breather and watch shop amigo Justin Quintal make the best of late September sessions at his home in Jacksonville, FL on a few personal Black Rose MFG. boards!
Shout out to all families and local businesses affected by Hurricane Matthew. Hope all is well!
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Eric Arakawa

Eric Arakawa

What do you know about Eric Arakawa?

Eric, the man behind the brands Hawaiian Island Creations (HIC), Island Classics and Eric Arakawa Designs, was born and raised in Hawaii where he began shaping at the age of 14. His shapes have been ridden by countless Hawaiian and international pros on the WQS and the WCT, but most famously Eric was the man behind Andy Irons' surfboards for much of his time on tour. Thanks to his experience working with countless pro surfers, Eric's boards not only surf well in the powerful swells of the Hawaiian Islands, but also in a variety of breaks around the world, including Virginia Beach and some of his most dynamic shapes are ones best suited for our less than perfect surf (including the Stubby, Slingshot and Bandit). In 2003, the year Andy won his second of 3 consecutive World Championships, Eric was recognized as Surfing Magazine's shaper of the year.

Simon Anderson

Some may know, and some may not. Simon Anderson reshaped surfing for for the generations to come by introducing the modern day thruster on what was then the most sizable / perfect right point anyone has seen on tour at Bells Beach in 1981. With ease and powerfulness, Simon demonstrated what was capable on a thruster. Since then 8,197,342 three fin thrusters have been built around the globe and 33 world titles have been won using a thruster. We have a lot to thank Simon Anderson, and we are stoked to carry a variety of models in the shop! Get yours TODAY!
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The Starboard Whopper - More Arriving Friday, June 3rd

The Starboard Whopper - More Arriving Friday, June 3rd

This Friday we'll have one of our favorite SUP models, the Whopper by Starboard, coming back into stock. The Whopper is the perfect all around shape, with enough beef to float an adult and child or the biggest member of your family, and the dimensions to handle a fun day paddling flatwater or in the surf.

Under the Radar: The Almond Butter

Under the Radar: The Almond Butter

With all the buzz around Tomo and Kelly Slater's collaborations some of Firewire's other fresh-for-2016 shapes have flown under the radar including one we've been riding and absolutely stoked on, the Almond Butter by Rob Machado. In this video Rob shows off what the shape is capable of and talks about some of its design features.

David Carson - All for a Few Good Waves

David Carson - All for a Few Good Waves

World famous graphic designer David Carson talks life, work and surf in this little bio. If you've never heard of the man or seen footage of Kane Garden then this one's a must watch.

Sunova SUP Demo Boards Available for the Next 10 Days!!!

Sunova SUP Demo Boards Available for the Next 10 Days!!!

We figured we would wet your appetite with this review of the Sunova Speeed SUP model before urging you to come in and demo a Sunova or 3 at some point over the next week or two. The SUP surf community has been stoked on the way these boards have performed and now you can see what all the fuss is about all you have to do is bring a valid driver's license and credit card (which won't get run unless you disappear on us), fill out some paperwork and go paddle - what could be easier?