The Arrival of the Hokule'a

In 1978 Eddie Aikau jumped on his surfboard and paddled away from the capsized Hokule'a on a mission to find help. The crew of the Hokule'a was later rescued, but Aikau was never seen again. So begins the most famous (for surfers at least) chapter of the Hokule'a, a traditional sailing canoe built in the 70's to rediscover and recreate a sense of what was possible for the Ancient Polynesians.

Today the Hokule'a is sailing again and currently finds itself in the 2nd half of a worldwide voyage that began in 2013 and is expected to conclude next year, and one of the stops and that voyage is Hampton Roads. Slated to arrive today (Friday, April 22nd) at the James River Fishing Pier in Newport News where it will spend 24hrs before heading to the Riverwalk Landing Marina in Yorktown for close to 2 weeks. During that period a series of special events with the crew of the Hokule'a will be held at the Mariner's Museum.

Check out the Hokule'a's website fore more info about all of the exciting events to come, and check out this video on the Hokule'a for a better idea of how amazing this ship and voyage are.