Eric Arakawa

What do you know about Eric Arakawa?

Eric, the man behind the brands Hawaiian Island Creations (HIC), Island Classics and Eric Arakawa Designs, was born and raised in Hawaii where he began shaping at the age of 14. His shapes have been ridden by countless Hawaiian and international pros on the WQS and the WCT, but most famously Eric was the man behind Andy Irons' surfboards for much of his time on tour. Thanks to his experience working with countless pro surfers, Eric's boards not only surf well in the powerful swells of the Hawaiian Islands, but also in a variety of breaks around the world, including Virginia Beach and some of his most dynamic shapes are ones best suited for our less than perfect surf (including the Stubby, Slingshot and Bandit). In 2003, the year Andy won his second of 3 consecutive World Championships, Eric was recognized as Surfing Magazine's shaper of the year.