“Freedom Surf Kicks Such Bottoms”

“Freedom Surf Kicks Such Bottoms”

In several months we will be celebrating our surf shop’s 14th year Anniversary! I know, who celebrates 14 years? Well we do and will ( hang tight on the party invite, as it will be a good one…).

By the time that we have gotten to that date, we will have sold 6,300 surfboards, 2,800 standups, 12,600 bars of wax and all of the other goods that you have needed to travel down your path of a surfer. We also would have made thousands of friends, offered countless advice and offered up way too many random/free surfboard fins, fin screws, wax etc.

It’s been a really fun ride! But a ride that hasn’t been without a few bumps and bruises. . . In those 14 years, we have seen the birth of the iPhone, social media, ecommerce and the list goes on. We have seen many of our retail brothers and sisters close there doors. Vendors that we had loved and supported, close their doors. The constant is that there is no constant! With that said, the one word that we seem to be saying a lot in the shop is “CHANGE!”

So we are changing! Not locations, not the name or any of the goodness that you love. We are changing our lineup! From a major redo inside the shop, to new colors and feel on the exterior. New brands are gracing our lineup and that will continue to evolve into a experience that is unlike any on the retail front.

Why are we telling you all of this? Well, it’s simple. Because we need you!!!

This is what we need. . .

For the next six weeks, we would love to have you either bring a friend (that has never been in the shop) into the shop or tell a friend about Freedom Surf!

That’s it! As simple as that….

Thank you!