"Surfing is our Santuary,The Shop is our Shrine & Saltwater is our Wine"

November 2017: Over a few post surf beers, a brainstorming session offered up a Holiday Marketing Campaign that tried to define the nature of our shop and the stoke it resonated.  The concept was as simple as this: " Surfing is our sanctuary, The Shop is our Shrine & Saltwater is our Wine." We would execute this campaign by offering up a weekly photo contest, that best described  what surfing means to you! We also got creative with our Holiday exterior windows and tied in Tibetan Prayer Flags (which represented a sacred place)  surrounded by images that we felt best conveyed our beliefs. The outside of the windows were painted with words that we wished to share with our community.

The weekly photo contest kind of petered out, as some ventures do. But the words created that November evening have proven to be powerful! This year Freedom Surf Shop will celebrate 13 years of being in business. A lot has changed in those 13 years, but the one thing that has not is our passion for surfing and celebrating it through our shop.

2018 will offer up more of what you have come to expect! More surfboards, a amazing selection of SUPS,  Girls and Guys clothing that you can't find instantly at the touch of your phone. But most of all we will offer our knowledge and friendship, with humility and respect to all that walk though our sacred doors.

Get out and surf. Find your sanctuary. . .  Then come see us .