CJ Nelson Designs


Our shops short 13 year history has shown no shortage of selling the best surf craft east of the Mississippi. This Spring we are carrying on the tradition with the newest addition to our board room CJ Nelson Designs!
CJ is one of our generations iconic surfers most known for his advanced nose riding and STYLE. Being featured in modern classic surf flicks like Sprout, The Present, and many other epic parts have showcased his amazing talents. With a new perspective on surfing as well as surfboard design over the past years he has collaborated with some of the best shapers and experimented thoroughly with new materials to progress not only his craft, but for all surfers who share the same perspective. Recently CJ took the win at Mexi Log festival & won his first Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational in La Saladita, Mexico on his newest model The Guerrero. For more stories behind the shapes feel free to visit - https://cjnelsondesigns.com.

We'll have a full range of boards from CJ Nelson Designs in collaborations with Ian Chisholm, Corey Colapinto, and Eden Saul for 2018. 
We are stoked to be one of few dealers on the East Coast | For any questions feel free to pop by the shop OR give us a ring at (757) 491-0266!