Summer officially begins on the 21st of June. But at Freedom Surf we are embracing summer NOW.  With that statement out of the way, let's get to what is on tap at Freedom Surf this summer...

SURFBOARDS! 2018 we reinvested in our past. Known for the best selection of logs, fish, eggs and alternative equipment on the East Coast ~ we humbly acknowledge that our selections were a bit stale over the last few years. This is why we have stepped it up once again, with over 250 new boards in the racks!  These aren't your clear sanded shortboards , nope, they are crafts that scream for new lines and approaches on the wave. Come on in and have a look for yourself! 

SUPS! We're working hard to understand where this sport is heading. A decade ago it was our fastest growing department in the store! Rivaling our surfboard business, we were one of the early pioneers that ventured into Race Shapes, surfing specific shapes and a slew of unique all rounders.  All complimented by events that we sponsored/or put on and weekly meetups! Fast forward to 2018, the few local sup races are lucky to have twenty paddlers turn out. Inexpensive, heavy, poorly designed boards are littered at most sporting good stores only to find questionable enjoyment in the water.  Participation is dropping! With that said, we still love to paddle and still sell stand ups. Just would love your feedback! Feel free to respond and let us know your thoughts!

Gear! Both in the Girls and Guys department, excitement is in the house. Striving to offer different brands then what are down the street at the other shops (and on the racks at the discounters) we have been working diligently over the last year to revive and refresh our offerings! If you haven't been in the shop this year, what are you waiting for?  

Summer is about FREEDOM! Freedom to enjoy long hot days on the beach. The freedom to ride multiple surfboards in a afternoon. The freedom to put all of the stress that life throws at you, on the back burner and cleanse your soul in the water.  At Freedom Surf, we have worked very hard to offer you all of the toys and gear that you will need to have the most amazing summer! 

Feel free to post any comments to this blog! 

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