Love !

A window campaign that was initiated and painted with love! A date in the middle of February that celebrates this amazing emotion. As a surfer, love comes in many forms. From the first stroke of wax on a new board, to watching your child flying down the face of a wave . Love has been occupying our thoughts lately at Freedom Surf and this post hopefully will fill you in on what we are loving!!!

  • Change! During the fall months of 2018, we changed the exterior color of the store, the stores layout and the product mix that we carry. 2019 will see more changes to the inside of the store, as we evolve the experience to new levels.. LOVE THIS!

  • New Brands! 2019 will see a plethora of new brands hitting our shop. Fashion meets surf, in what will be a saltwater melody that will truly inspire. LOVE THIS!

  • Surfboards! Shapes are continually being refined as is technology. Freedom Surf has been the leader in getting the goods under your feet and this year we will not let you down! We have several new brands hitting our racks this for 2019 and yes, we LOVE THIS!

As we continue to evolve and embrace this lovely little month of February! Know that what we do in the shop is for you. And yes we LOVE THIS!