There have been a few summer seasons that sadden us to see them go! This past one, ‘not so much.”

So let me explain: Lack of surf, abnormally cooler water, dirty water, soft tops, beater boards, adults on soft tops, adults on beater boards, amazon,xbox, all vendors on amazon, discounting, kids on xbox, all verndors discounting, politics, fake news, politics and fake news, humidity, ten dollar ipa’s, five dollar coffees and the list goes on as to why we are not sad to see this summer beat it!

With that said, we have FALL right around the corner! Fall is when the Atlantic turns on. When grown men put away the soft tops and the groms find a yellow bus that will pull them away from Xbox. A season that celebrates change! A change in the weather, a change in our patterns and behaviors.

As Atlantic Ocean surfers, fall is our time! A time to pull into warm green barrels, time to look for that new round tail that you use to love ( before the ten dollar ipa’s , offered it non-floatable) and trusted when sliding under the lip. and most importantly a time to pop into your favorite surf shop and have a good chat, feel up a new board.

Yes, summer you can ‘BEAT IT”, let’s go fall ~ bring it on.